Welcome to the American Indian Healing Center

The American Indian Healing Center (AIHC) is the only healthcare clinic of its kind in Los Angeles County dedicated to providing culturally sensitive, comprehensive, primary medical care to the Los Angeles and Orange Counties large American Indian population.

We are dedicated to providing primary care services to urban American Indians who have limited or no access to healthcare.

It is a common misconception that the needs of the American Indian Community are met through government programs. In fact, urban American Indians are among the most impoverished and medically under-served group in the nation. Approximately two-thirds of all American Indians in the U.S. live outside of the reservations.

The greatest proportions of urban American Indians live in Los Angeles County, constituting the largest urban concentration of American Indians in the United States. According to Census 2000, an estimated 76,988 American Indians reside in Los Angeles County, with more than 100 tribes represented, yet there are no other clinics that specialize in providing culturally sensitive, direct health care to this unique population.

The American Indian Healing Center (AIHC), is a non-profit 501(c)3, state licensed community clinic.


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